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The Sanctuary Experience 2010

aka the best fucking weekend of my life. What follows is my lengthy attempt to recall everything that happened. The details for something maybe light while others very heavy. There was a hell of a lot that happened over the course of a day and i spent 3 days in Vancouver with stuff that happened so everything kind of got jumbled and mixed and details slid. Im going to do my best :D There are spoilers for s3 so if you dont wanna read them, read this with care cuz i may or may not remember to forewarn you. so...

The first day i got there was Thursday and right away went out with Lili, Isa, K, Ashley, Lisa, Jen, Rin, Justine, S, and Jenni to Lynn Canyon Park which quickly became dubbed P3X-259 and we the members of SG-14 conquered the suspension bridge and explored the surrounding area. Bumped into a few "natives" and realized that the SGC is seriously lacking in-shape members LOL Everything is so much better with fangirls.

Friiday I got to see the Olympic torch and hang with Wendy a tad. Then we went back and registered. I got separated from people after splurging at the store and buying tons of stuff. I bought a sweatshirt, a photo of Amanda to get her autograph on, a poster of the cast and an autographed photo of RDA bc it was one of my favorite pictures of him and it was signed and i had my debit card and i dont really need books for college do i? lol...that reminds me i gotta see about getting my books hmm...anyways so i went over to the "business" center in the hotel and putzed around the internet to waste some time since i didnt have a meet  and greet ticket and had *failed* to make plans with others who didnt. So im watching by the windows to front of the tower and i happen to look down and i see this guy in shorts and i think "Is that Martin Wood?" so i lean in closer and to the window and the dude turns and i burst out "OMG IT IS MARTIN WOOD!" so i start walking faster to see where he's headed to just stalk him. I get near the escalator heading down from the 3rd floor and up it comes RyRo, Chris, martin and Amanda. *FANGIRL SPAZZ* Im mentally thinking HOLY SHITTTT!!!!! so i wander away from the escalator and towards the elevators nearby and pretend to be trying to get a signal and then i proceed to fake like im on the phone having a conversation xD lmfao so great so basically im off standing around starting at them and trying to make up half a conversation and not accidentally say "OMG ITS AMANDA AND RYAN AND CHRIS AND HIIIII *SQQQUUUEEE*" xD so they are all standing around and socializing and hugging and omg amanda looked soo prettyyy and Ryan was there and just aaah. so then alla sudden they start walking towards the elevators aka where im standing. So i back away and just stare and continue to attempt to fake a conversation. I can feel and hear my heart just pounding in my chest and my hands were shaking. Once they were on the elevator and the doors had closed my legs couldnt support me anymore and i just collapsed to the ground. THen naturally the elevator doors opened and some random guy came out and witnessed my fangirl flail. lmfao. so i run back to the comps, some of you may have been around for my twitter spazz :P after that i was going back to my room when i bumped into Lili, Isa and Kristen who also didnt have meet&greet tix and had been sitting out front and seen everybody i had plus Agam and Robin. Me and Lili were standing a little off and Kristen and Isa were standing by the stairway looking down over the wall thing. All of a sudden me and Lili see Damians hair appear and Kristen breaks away from Isa who, unknowingly keeps walking and then just when she is about to run into Damian stops short and just stares as he walks by and into the ballroom in his motorcycle jacket and his helmet tucked under one arm. Isa turned around and omg the look on her face bahahaha that was awesome. So then we go back out front and kinda just hang around by the doors to the lobby by the glass right near the escalator hoping that they would all walk out. So we're chilling and this woman and guy come down the escalator and we're looking  at the woman cuz she's in a bollywood outift and all of sudden the man turns his head and we all go "OMG ITS CHRIS!!! OMG OMG!!! EVERYBODY ACT COOL!!' so then we all grab phones and pretend to be doing something, anything other than staring at him. We watch him walk over and past the other exit where suddenly loud cheering breaks out so stuff gets dropped and be run over to the other area. Damian is being hoarded in a corner by people and so we're standing around talking to our friends about what happened when I feel Lili tug my arm and we spin around and there. There is RyRo. At that exact moment he turns and looks right at us, waves and says bye. Both of us kind of just swooned a bit and waved back.

Saturday: opened with the Martin, Damian, and Amanda panel. haha love. they are such goofs. first amanda tries to sit but cant cuz its a dress she's in so she sits sidways in it so as not to flash the crowd, though, honestly i dont think anybody would have cared lmao, so then Martin on her one side is all "ohh me too!!" and sits sideways while Damian on the other sat normally man like pelvis high in the air. epic times. They discussed a whole hell of a lot, including amanda's death stares being numbered and how Damian apparently has a C3P0 voice. Then they were talking a little bit about how Sanctuary came to be and Damian was telling how people would go an crap on his idea and he said that he eventually got to a point where he would just cut them off and be like its what im doing next no matter what. And then, he said this: Do not measure your passion for something by others reaction to it." WOW MUCH?!? hahaha quote of the year right there :D So that panel was really chill.
then i had my photo op with Amanda and Ryan *dies* hahaha i walk up to Amanda from the line and she looks at my tank top and goes "I *love* your shirt!" and i was all "hehe thanks :D" ....it was my black girls kick ass tank top....so then we hug and she rubbed my back a little *is dead* So then she's all how are you, and im like "im kinda nervous and really excited all at once becuase this is my first con" and she says "wow really? awesome. where are you from?" and i say "new jersey." "wow thats far." "only a 6 hour flight no big deal" *tiny laugh* then the pic was taken and she says "thank you so much for coming." and i reply " no thank you." THEN RYRO!!! GAHSDLKFNDSLK!!! I walk up and im all hi, this is my first con im so excitedly nervous!" and he goes "welcome to vancouver! thanks for picking this as your first con!" and so we take the normal a pic and then the photog is like "do you want a cuddle pic" and Ryan goes "C'MERE YOU!!" and grabs me and huggles me. Best cuddle ever. So a little later i go off and get my amanda auto. i go up and she says "hello again" and im like "hiiiiiiii." she turns to her handler there and goes "first con" and the handler, as amanda starts signing, "says oh awesome! hopefully you'll come to more!" and i say "Hopefully yes!! College might get in the way but oh well who needs that silly thing." Amanda stops mid-writing, looks up and does her little chipmunk laugh! aaaahhh life complete. so i say, "i mean im just going to be a poet anyway." as she finishes writing then she hands me the pic and says, "yeah pfft college. just be a poet and come to conventions!' haahah epic love <333
then, RYRO SAAANGG!!!! holy shit that, was, beautiful. Damian played guitar with RyRo who was also playing and singing and *MEGA SWOON* he played two song i didnt know and then he played Working Class Hero, best version of that song ever, and he played a bunch of songs including Delicate, Working Class Hero and Hallejuah. It was just so beautiful
FATE PANEL WAS MADE OF WIN!!! it opened with RyRo intro'ing Agam as "Darsh Vader" lmao ahaha oh twitter :) Then they swapped mics idr why and Agam goes "this mic says number one...perfect" and we all cheered and RyRo goes "yeah well its louder which is perfect for you" hahaha they talked about Amanda directing, Kate getting her first kiss in episode four i believe,  inside jokes widing up in the script and doing their own stunts. which lead to a story about the time Agam swung her backpack to knock Ryan off balance like they do sometimes and how this time she'd forgotten that there was an ice pick and she nailed him in the sternum but thought she'd tweeted scrotum hehehe. Lili, my girl <333 asked Agam whether Kate prefered wine or hot chocolate (after getting over the fact Agam sang "lili of the valey" to her hehehe <33) Agam danced around it beautifully saying that it would depend on what she was in the mood for. Then she explained the comment to the bums who were there but not in on the joke :P And she said that Henry was hot chocolate, and Will was like wine, "that really cheap wine, that comes in a box" bahahaha I LOVE HER. So naturally Ryan was like "so Henry comes with marshmellows?!" WIN WIN WIN!!! also he kept making a joke about this being some fantasy of his, and saying "welcome to my bedroom!"
waiting for the auction to start we were kinda just hanging outside when damian and martin come out and walk by and we start cheering them when they walked by and suddenly martin lifts his shirt so we could see his back...a prelude of what was to come....the auction was hysterical. Amanda was going around and showing off the case the map to bhalasaam was held in and she goes to the people "SNIFF IT!!" cuz she had and it had smelled okay i guess? lmao they sold the keys that the Five got ughh i wanted but not as much as i wanted TESLA'S KNIFE!!!! omg i nearly died hahaha and then chris was holding it and he goes and licks it!!! and then puts it all the way in his mouth!! AAAHHH!!! *death death death* Ryan took of his shirt!!! omg that was omg. just so sexy bahaha and then they were triyng to sell this quilt and matin took of his shirt and wrapped it around him and then right before it was sold pulled a Robin Dunne and dropped his pants. THe money spent was nuts!!! people paid a ridiculous amt for those nubbins that had gone around the world but only 750 for a 15 minute call with RDA!!!! if id known it was gonna be that cheap i woulda bet on the phone call xD so yeah auction was epic.
the Ball though. haha that was interesting. we go downstairs and we're inside chilling on the dance floor, and Ryan comes up to me and Lili saying "i think somebody's looking for a leprechaun, theymust mean you!" and then we proceeded to just hang out with Ryan and Robert, Lili telling them she was a Scottish leprechaun, ryan doing a little dancing and just fun times :)

Sunday there is only one thing that can properly sum up robert and chucks panel: Robert: if you're going to be a leprechaun you've got to on your brogue like a proper Scottish leprechaun....only one person in this room will understand that reference."  i have the coolest friend ever in Lili, ryan and agam  know her name and now she has an inside joke with robert. win.
my photo op with robin went well, nothing spectactular happened.
i got an op with Chris because in person, he is funny and actually quite handsome. so i went for it. and i was last and that was actually one of the bets photos i took hahaa yayy :D
Then it was Lee Wilson with special effects. holy shit. mad awesome. we got to see a different trailer from what ya'll saw of the comic con one. FRAK FRAK FRAK IT WAS AMAZING!!! Wexford doing some weird lizard thing and spitting on a wolfed out henry and missiles fired at big bertha and henry in a temple with kali and will, helen, and ryan walking through some field and NIKOLA USING HIS MAGNETO POWERS WHILE IN LEATHER TO BUST DOWN SOME HUGE METAL BLAST DOOR IDK WHERE BUT IT WAS KICK ASS!!! so that was awesome and im all bounce yay magneto powers. then Lee drops it that all the shots are from the first episodes except one shot which was from his episode "for king and country" episode 8 which is all about "the five, almost the six" back in the day!!!! LIKE MEGA FLAIL!!! NOT ONLY IS JON IN THE SEASON EARLY ON, ITS EPISODE NUMBER TWO BUT THEN WE GET THE 8TH EPISODE ALL ABOUT THE OLDEN DAYS WHICH WE KNOW HE'S GOING TO BE IN!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH TESLA FAN GIRL FREAK OUT!!!! Awesome vis-effects are awesome.
Followed by Agam and Robin panel. that was actually quite fun! robin basically dominated a bit but thats Robin for you. Naturally he dropped his pants, go figure. ahaha. oh the only other thing i clearly remember is that somebody asked Agam whether kate would prefer to date an abnormal or normal person and she said abnormal!!! WIN WIN WIN!!!! :D
Agam photo went nicely, and as Lili and i were waiting we decided that we should get Robert photos bc theres an inside joke with him and he's just a goof and this was once in life time sooo yeah haha :)
 Next was what i had been calling the panel of death because i was certain the Amand and Chris panel would kill me cuz it be entirely "OHHMYGOD SHIPPY HEAVEN!!!" yeah actually was not like that at all. not like i  thought it was gonna be haha. it was nice! Amanda and Chris have great fun together and thus amuse us easily lolol They talked about what they had always wanted to do, Amanda be a doctor and Chris be a shrink. LMFAO can you imagine having that guy as your therapist?! First off all, id never be able to pay attention becuase he is sooo dashing in person and that voice. yum lmao. There was also a joke made by chris about picturing Helen Magnus in the 50s house wife doing the vacuuming lmfao xD hahaha epic giggles. also when they discussed Helen or Biggie doing laundry and trying to imagine Biggie doing Helens underwear lmao niice. they did give it away that there is a helen john moment that Amanda conceptualized. She said that it would show her vulnerability and loneliness as a character....oh and that it happens when Druitt was unconcious. basically they way she described it was not an intimate romantic scene but one that proved helen could only really be comfortable with druitt, unconcious. i dont mind that at all, that being said i dont really like when ppl confuse amanda and chris having a good friendship, with their character having chemistry. but thats another story for another time :):):)
That night we were hanging out by the other ballroom on the third level listening to Justine be amazing aka sing and playing guitar and who comes over? Chris :D:D:D He listens and is all "that was really beautiful. you're really talented." After, Isa going "OH THATS YOU!" pointing her photo op with him, epic fake out is epicly hysterically lmao. Then Lili while trying to give him Justine's info quasi calls him old and Jenni says youporn? niiice, my friends are awesome. Then i decided while in the room to say something to him. So i go up to him, after Lili started asking (sorry for shoving you outta the way darling but its like my thing lol xD), and ask if he could please send Jon some love on behalf of myself and my fellow Jonathon Fans and he replies ""It would be my pleasure. Anytime i can give Jonathon love i am more than willing to. he is a great man and gifted actor who really deserves it. I would be happy to as, I am a fanboy." WOOO!! hahaha that was great. so i thanked him and walked away. Then after parting with my friends *sob sob sobs* i go up to just thank him for it and before i can say a thing...well heres basically how it went:
Chris: so you said you're a fan of Jons
Me: yes of him, his character Nikola and the real Tesla very much so!
Chris:...does he know you all exist?
Me: well i mean im not sure, the rest of you all have twitter and other...
Chris: i dont have twitter dont group me with them!!
Me: haha you dug my meaning.
Chris: Basically you don't know.
Me: No we dont really because you all have easy ways to be contacted and he just doesnt have that.
Chris: Do you know about his the
Me: Theatre company the Electrics here in Vancouver with his wife Kim yes.
Chris:*in a teasingly challenging tone*And what was their first play?
Me:*without missing a beat* Brillant.
---here we were interrupted cuz somebody wanted a picture and i apologized to the ppl around me explaining that i had only wanted to say goodbye and he opened the convo and they laughed and said no problem)--
Me: so yes, we really just want him to know we adore and love him..and that we actually exist haha
Chris:From the screams whenever he would come on screen...between him and Amanda....those two got the most screams so i'd say its quite evident that he has the fans
Me: yeah exactly thats why we want to let him know! He deserves it.
Chris:He absolutely does. He's such an amazing person, very talented and just beautiful and awesome.
Me: I could not agree with you more and thats why we want to tell him...
Chris: Just write him here at Sanctuary...
Me: we werent really sure if that was alright, and we didnt want to write him at the theatre as that would be slightly inappropriate but now you will get floods of it here when i tell people
Chris: Is there an online community to let him know you exist?
Me: *stutters like a fool* oh uhhh. Theres a small community on livejournal...and i uh, dont know if you've heard of gateworld
Chris: im familiar with it
Me (in my head--oh dear lmao): ok well we have a thread on there too. So yeah, thank you so much for this. I really truly appreciate it.
Chris: My pleasure. Any fan of his, i am a fan of theres. 

And thats it. Woke up Monday and flew home crying multiple times. I absoultely loved this weekend. Epic times and many laughs with my awesome friends. I love them and this weekend tons. I shall never forget it <33

Oh and as you read this my letter to Jonathon via Sanctuary is in the mail :D


WOW!! What an amazing weekend!! I actually almost in tears just reading your post! What a lovely conversation you had with CH! You're a lucky girl! XD

Thanks for the post!! I love reading all the posts you guys have been putting up about the con - It's so exciting reading about all your EPIC adventures!! XD
awh no cryingg :D glad you enjoyed living vicariously =]
AHHH OMG HYPERVENTILATING RIGHT HEREEE!!! FOR REALS. *glomps* THAT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN AND WIN AND AHHHHH!!! *shudder* I kinda hope nobody gets on lj and sees what
dedicated fans we are of Tesla LMAO
LMAO i couldnt resist!!! and now we can write him!!! weeeee!!!! haha we are crazy indeed :D
I'm the same as Socraticmethod9, i'm actually feeling a little emotional reading this. It's just amazing to have actor who care about their fans.

Sounds like you had a completely unforgetable experience, i hope it stays with you forever.
Thank you for posting this, and for talking on behalf of all the Tesla Fangirls.
i really did. truly a once in a life time experience, love it =]

naturally twas my pleasure to speak on behalf of us Troopers!!! Somebody had to represent and i was more than happy to do it :D
OMG OMG! LOL i love your report. may i pimp your article at lair_or_lab? um - please?
well certainly!!!! :D haha im honored you wish too =]
hahaha yayy!! you should go =] wish i could!
its actually best of its in Vancouver cuz well, they all live there and thus they can come!! :D
Thank you for making me laugh out loud, several times.
you are totally welcome lol xD
Awww, Chris is a fan?!?! SO ADORABLE!!! We at least now know where we can contact him!
i think everyone of them is a fan, how can you not be though? its JONATHON!!! haha yes im glad we can now send our fangirl letters somewhere lol xD
Waaahhh.. what an amazing weekend!
I've already told you via msn how much I love the pics and the post here.
And yes, like socraticmethod9 said, lucky girl!!
Chis seems to be an awsome guy! (like all the others)

p.s. I'm still jealous bc you heard RyRo sing :P ^^
you should be jealous of that it was effing amazing and beautiful and soooo awesome xD
Holy Hannah!! What a great recap! Almost feel like I was there...almost :D Definately feel cheated not being there but I'm happy you had you had such an epic time :)
God... I am kind of jalous... Well, I hope he got your mail and now he knows how many of us like him :)